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Free Light Chains & Monoclonal Gammopathies

Impact on Diagnostic Panels

Uses of Serum Free Light Chain Assay

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August 2008

So if we include the serum free light chain assay as part of the initial diagnostic screen, how will we use it? 

Well obviously it becomes part of our diagnostic panel and association with PEL and IFE. In addition, although I haven’t talked about this, baseline values of the free light chain assay have been shown to have prognostic value for predicting progression in patients with MGUS and smoldering myeloma, as well as for overall survival, in patients with multiple myeloma, plasmacytoma & primary amyloidosis. And lastly, in patients with no M-spike, it can be used to monitor therapy and disease course.

Uses of Serum Free Light Chain Assay


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