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Serologic Testing for Rubella


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Number of Rubella Cases

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July 2008

The graph on this slide illustrates the significant impact that each of these initiatives has had on reducing the incidence of Rubella and CRS in this country. The number of Rubella cases from 1966-2004 is indicated by the solid blue line. The number of cases of CRS is depicted by the yellow dash line. Due to the trends depicted in this graph, the CDC and an independent panel of experts convened in 2004 to review the data regarding Rubella infection and transmission. Based on the data, the group   unanimously concluded that Rubella is no longer endemic in the United States.

This conclusion was based on several factors, including the high level of immunity to Rubella, adequate surveillance, and the fact that fewer than 10 cases of Rubella were reported in 2004. Interestingly, the majority of these cases reported in 2004 occurred in individuals born outside of the United States.  

Number of Rubella Cases


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