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Serologic Testing for Rubella


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Patient Case

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July 2008

I’d like to present a patient case that I think will illustrate several key points regarding Rubella serologic testing as we move through the presentation.

This is the case of 23-year-old, pregnant female who was seen by her obstetrician at 7 weeks gestation. A blood specimen was obtained for routine first tri testing. A review of the patient’s history indicates that she is currently employed as an elementary teacher, and has been in her regular state of good health.  Several days later, her obstetrician calls to speak with her regarding the results of her blood test. The results of testing are as follows:

The syphilis and HIV antibody screens were reported as negative, as was the Hepatitis B screen. The Rubella IgG was reported as positive, and this would generally indicate immunity to Rubella. However, a Rubella IgM was also ordered, and this was reported as positive.

Patient Case


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