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Laboratory Testing for Hepatitis B

HBV Genotyping and Drug Resistance Tests

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June 2008

Currently there are several genotypic methods for determining HBV genotype. Meaning determining HBV genotype A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H as well as determining genotypic mutations in the drug target of the viral genome.

The INNO-LiPA assay from Innogenetics uses differential probe hybridization to the RT polymerase gene region of the virus as well as determining core/precore mutations in the core/precore gene regions of the virus. This assay requires a minimum viral load of 150 IU/mL present in the patient’s serum.

A DNA sequencing method from Siemens HC Diagnostics known as the Trugene HBV Genotyping Assay also detects mutations in the polymerase and surface gene regions of the HBV virus and that requires a min HBV DNA level of 200 IU/mL to yield consistent results.

Finally there are laboratory-developed assays that use the DNA sequencing method mainly looking at the polymerase gene region as well as the core/precore gene regions.

Drug Resistance Tests



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