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Pediatric Reference Ranges

An Update


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Mayo Medical Laboratories 2008 Test Catalog

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May 2008

In this slide you can see the cover page of the Mayo Medical Laboratories 2008 Test Catalog.  Our catalog includes more than 2,800 different tests.  A larger portion of them as you can see do not provide pediatric reference ranges.  And this takes place because either they are not applicable, micro biology testing is often reported a positive or negative, genotyping in genetics or karyotyping obviously make no difference based on age or in some occasions the test applied only to adults.

On the other hand, we have a total of 62 tests that now have reference ranges that have been validated to be applicable to all ages. So, it doesn’t matter what age a patient is. There are 218 tests with pediatric reference ranges based on either: age, gender or tanner staging.  The question of course is, how do you find them in such a thick book that has hundreds of pages?

Mayo Medical Laboratories 2008 Test Catalog


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