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Pediatric Reference Ranges

An Update


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Residual Sample Inventory

Slide 19

May 2008

Overall, at the end of March 2008, we had 10,400 aliquots of a specimen available. This is now not including the more than 5,000 specimens that have already been utilized. These are mostly serum specimens, 83% of them, but we have 16% as heparinized plasma, and 1% as EDTA plasma.

This slide also shows a partial list of ongoing projects. You can see they are very diverse, varying from moderate to high-complexity testing. There is a strong emphasis on endocrinology testing, and this is not a surprise because this is the area with the greatest need. I’d also like to add the vitamin D project, this is an initiative under the directive of Dr. Ravinder Singh, and this is an intriguing concept that in addition to the variables we are all familiar with, such as age, gender, and tanner staging; we have found a clinical need to define reference values based on the type of diet that has been given to a newborn. In this case, that is the reference value for vitamin D.

Residual Sample Inventory


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