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Laboratory Testing for Hepatitis C

HCV Antigens Used in EIAs and CIAs for Detecting HCV Total Antibodies

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April 2008

Here’s a schematic diagram of the HCV viral genome. The 5’ non-coding region is on the left and the 3’ non-coding region on the right. In between these two non-coding regions are genes that encode for specific viral proteins. It is these proteins that are used in the preparation of commercial assays for screening tests.

The early generation of enzyme immunoassays (Version 2) incorporates three viral antigens that are indicated in purple. The third generation of enzyme immunoassay and the current chemiluminescence immunoassay utilize four viral antigens, with the additions of the NS5V antigens.

RIBA also come in two versions. Version 2 utilizes four viral antigens, whereas the third generation utilizes the NS5 protein as well.

Antigens Used for Detecting Total Antibodies


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