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Introduction to Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies (SCID) and Newborn Screening for SCID

Part 2

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March 2013

Once diagnosed accurately, newborns with SCID/T cell lymphopenia can appropriate management including life-sustaining treatment. Delays in identification of affected infants rapidly reduce the success of such treatments and significantly increase mortality. In Part 2 of this 2-part presentation, Dr. Abraham discusses the use of appropriate laboratory tests and test interpretation tools for follow-up of abnormal newborn screen for SCID/T cell lymphopenia cases.


  • Roshini Abraham, PhD
    • Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine/Pathology and Medicine at Mayo Clinic
    • Consultant in the Division of Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota
    • Director of the Cellular and Molecular Immunology Laboratory within the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
    • Director of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiencies Diagnostic and Research Center at the Mayo Clinic

The SCID Series

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