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Plasma Cell DNA Content and Proliferation Testing

Updated: June 2013
Published: June 2012

Mayo Clinic has developed a test for detection and monitoring of plasma cell disorders: Plasma Cell DNA Content and Proliferation, Bone Marrow (Test ID: PCPRO)

Expanded Results

Previously, a common component of diagnosing multiple myeloma and other plasma cell disorders was the plasma cell labeling index analysis, which looked only at clonality and proliferative rates. This flow cytometric-based test offers more extensive analysis of the clonal plasma cell population including:

  • Presence
  • Enumeration
  • DNA content
  • Proliferative rate
  • Correlation to ploidy status

Improved Predictive Benefits

The test also analyzes the ratio of normal to abnormal plasma cells, which helps clinicians predict:

  • The risk of premyeloma conditions progressing to multiple myeloma or other diseases requiring treatment
  • Which patients need therapy
  • Which patients are in danger of relapsing after therapy is discontinued

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Plasma Cells

Plasma Cell DNA Content and Proliferation, Bone Marrow
(Test ID: PCPRO)

Detecting plasma cell clonality through demonstrating immunoglobulin light chain restriction (ie, the presence of either predominately kappa or predominately lambda light chains), supplemented by the plasma cell immunophenotype and DNA index, is an important element in:

  • Establishing a diagnosis of a plasma cell proliferative disorder
  • Providing prognostic information for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma and other plasma cell proliferative disorders
  • Assessing response to therapy and detecting disease relapse and progression in treated plasma cell proliferative disorder patients
  • Determining plasma cell DNA content and proliferation

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