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Updated: July 2014
Published: May 2013

Regional Center for Excellence

Mayo Clinic Center for Tuberculosis

Mayo Clinic Center for Tuberculosis is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-designated U.S. Regional Training and Medical Consultation Center. The goal of the center is to develop and deliver training for medical and public health professionals in tuberculosis prevention and control, as well as provide medical consultation for complex medical cases involving tuberculosis.

Mayo has a long history of providing quality health care for tuberculosis (TB) and mycobacterial diseases, and developing education and training. The Mayo Clinic Center for Tuberculosis helps support the goal of eliminating TB in the United States — and worldwide.

With guidance from the CDC, and in coordinated partnership with other regional centers and national entities, Mayo Clinic will provide high-quality and expert assistance for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TB, along with world-class education and training programs and products that meet the broad and unique needs of health care providers and public health staff in its regional purview.

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