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Hereditary Erythrocytosis

Applying an algorithmic and reflexive approach to diagnosis

Updated: December 2014
Published: December 2012

Featured Tests

These featured tests are those most frequently associated with hereditary erythrocytosis. For more information, view the erythrocytosis evaluation testing algorithm.

  • Erythrocytosis Evaluation
    The definitive evaluation of an individual with JAK2-negative erythrocytosis associated with lifelong sustained increased red blood cell mass, elevated red blood cell count, hemoglobin or hematocrit. This test includes a complete evaluation including p50 testing, hemoglobin electrophoresis testing, and hereditary erythrocytosis mutation analysis in an algorithmic fashion.
  • Hereditary Erythrocytosis Mutations
    This test includes EPOR, HIF2a, PHD2 sequencing assays and should be ordered when the patient meets the following criteria: diagnosis of erythrocytosis, JAK2 V627F is negative, and p50 values are normal.

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For more information on how our testing can help diagnose hereditary erythrocytosis, contact your Mayo Medical Laboratories Regional Manager.

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