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New Tests

November 2015

New tests are continually developed by the clinical and research laboratories of Mayo Clinic. These tests are subjected to an intense laboratory and clinical correlative process to ensure their diagnostic utility prior to their release.

Significant new test announcements are included with each Communiqué issue to provide both clinical and technical information in a single document.

The following tests are described in this month's Communiqué:

PLAFL / Platelet Surface Glycoprotein by Flow Cytometry, Blood

  • Useful for: Identification of markedly decreased CD41 (GPIIb) and CD61 (GPIIIa) expression levels, which are diagnostic for Glanzmann thrombasthenia ....more>>

PTEM / Platelet Transmission Electron Microscopic Study

  • Useful for: Diagnosing platelet disorders ...more>>

TCRVB / TCR V-Beta Repertoire Analysis by Spectratyping, Blood

  • Useful for: Assessment of T-cell receptor diversity in various clinical contexts including primary immunodeficiencies, monitoring immune reconstitution posthematopoietic cell transplantation, and temporal assessment of repertoire changes in autoimmune diseases and viral infections ...more>>

TRMP / Trimipramine, Serum

  • Useful for: Monitoring serum concentration during therapy ...more>>