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Biliary Tract Malignancy

Clinical Overview and Novel Detection Method

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For information on specimen collection and processing, see Biliary Tract Malignancy by FISH Testing.

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Impact of Disease Prevalence on Positive Predictive Value (PPV)

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September 2011

Before I review several case series utilizing FISH studies for the diagnosis of pancreatobiliary strictures, I would like to emphasize the impact of disease prevalence on positive predictive value. The positive predictive value is highly dependent upon disease prevalence of the population studied. In the validation of FISH studies for the diagnosis of biliary and pancreatic malignancies, the disease prevalence was about 45%. You can see that as the disease prevalence drops, the positive predictive value decreases concomitantly. Therefore, it is difficult to extrapolate these studies performed in a diagnostic setting where the suspicion of cancer is high, to those performed in a surveillance setting where the disease prevalence is quite low.

Impact of Disease Prevalence on PPV


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