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Biliary Tract Malignancy

Clinical Overview and Novel Detection Method

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For information on specimen collection and processing, see Biliary Tract Malignancy by FISH Testing.

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For questions regarding the management or treatment of a patient with this condition, contact Dr. Gores (Monday-Friday) at 507-284-6488.

Bile Duct Calculator

Slide 18

September 2011

This slide shows that we will interpret any case in which the likelihood of malignancy is predicted to be >98% as consistent with malignancy but that if the prediction of malignancy is between 85 and 98% we will call it suspicious for malignancy. If there are 1 or more abnormal test results (for example an atypical cytology result but a negative FISH result) and the calculator predicts a risk of <85% then we will interpret the case as equivocal for the presence of tumor. At this time I am going to hand things back to Dr. Gores who will describe several typical cases in which the combination of conventional cytology and FISH were used to help to determine if a patient had a pancreatobiliary tumor. Thank you.

Bile Duct Calculator


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