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Biliary Tract Malignancy

Clinical Overview and Novel Detection Method

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For information on specimen collection and processing, see Biliary Tract Malignancy by FISH Testing.

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Representative Test Report Using Bile Duct Calculator

Slide 17

September 2011

In this slide you can see that the likelihood that this 36-year-old patient with PSC, a suspicious cytology result, and a polysomic FISH result has a pancreatobiliary tumor (based on our patient cohort) is 98% with 95% confidence intervals extending from 87% to 100%. Based on this we state that these results are consistent with malignancy. It should be noted that these predictions are based on data generated from a Mayo Clinic cohort of 498 patients in which the prevalence of malignancy was 46%.

Test Report Using Bile Duct Calculator


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