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Biliary Tract Malignancy

Clinical Overview and Novel Detection Method

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For information on specimen collection and processing, see Biliary Tract Malignancy by FISH Testing.

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Factors That Influence Sensitivity Of Cytology Specimens

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September 2011

Thank you, Dr. Gores. As Dr. Gores explained, the Mayo Clinic Molecular Cytology laboratory currently performs 2 tests to help determine if a patient has a pancreatobiliary malignancy and they are conventional cytology and FISH testing. I will explain how this testing is performed and interpreted in more detail in the coming slides but before I do that I want to mention that factors that can influence the sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive value of these tests include sampling error, interpretation error, and the clinical scenario. With regard to sampling, the cytology and FISH tests require that the neoplastic cells be present in the specimen for the tests to be able to detect the tumor. Consequently, false-negative results can result if the brush does not adequately sample the lesion.

Factors That Influence Sensitivity Of Specimens


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