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Clinical Insight

by Richard A. Berger, MD, PhD

September 2011

My name is Dick Berger. Although my clinical responsibilities at the Mayo Clinic are centered in Orthopedic Surgery, the role in which I am addressing you is that of Dean of the Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development. As such, I recognized the need for practicing health care providers to not only have accurate testing available to help make diagnoses on their patients’ conditions, but to have available at their finger tips the most up-to-date and valid information about how to treat those conditions to optimize the results of treatments—how to truly improve patient outcomes. This is why I am so excited to introduce you to Clinical Insight.

Clinical Insight is a new education opportunity for physicians and clinicians on topics driven from a disease state which include a laboratory test to support diagnosis. The presentations are short videos which describe the clinical picture and laboratory testing that assists in arriving at a diagnostic conclusion.

Interpretation of laboratory testing can be complex and clinicians cannot be proficient in all areas. Clinical Insight will assist the clinician in integration of laboratory test results with clinical information, physical examination, and patient history. The presentations provide Mayo Clinic experience and knowledge to physicians in general practice or the specialist who is presented with a situation with which he or she is not familiar.

In addition, we are pleased to offer direct access to Mayo Clinic physicians who may be able to assist in structuring treatment and management options for your patients who have been diagnosed with various disease states. Our goal is to provide clinical expertise and experience to physicians in the most timely manner in order to better understand laboratory results, clinical treatment options, and provide excellent patient care. After all, improving the care of our patients is what each of us is dedicated to.