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HIPAA and Mayo Medical Laboratories

Mayo Medical Laboratories is fully committed to compliance with all HIPAA privacy, security, and electronic transaction code requirements. As an affiliate of Mayo Clinic practice entities, which include thousands of physicians in clinical practices as well as some of the largest hospital facilities in the world, Mayo Medical Laboratories has the benefit of comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs being implemented by Mayo.

Mayo Medical Laboratories has always maintained policies and procedures to ensure compliance with patient confidentiality requirements including Mayo’s own high standards regarding patient confidentiality. HIPAA compliance efforts involve formal inventory, analysis, updating, and documentation of all systems and procedures covered by the several HIPAA regulations.

Mayo Medical Laboratories commits that all aspects of its services will be compliant with HIPAA requirements prior to each HIPAA effective date with sufficient time permitted for our clients to confirm compliance. This is particularly important since both Mayo Medical Laboratories and our clients are “covered entities” under HIPAA that each has independent compliance responsibilities. Mayo Medical Laboratories will ensure that all aspects of its services comply with HIPAA to the extent independent HIPAA compliance by Mayo Medical Laboratories is possible. Additionally, all services provided by Mayo Medical Laboratories will be done in a manner that enables HIPAA compliance by our clients to the extent the services involve joint compliance requirements or independent requirements applicable to our clients as “covered entities”. Obviously, Mayo Medical Laboratories can not assure that individual clients will meet their independent responsibilities under HIPAA; however, we are committed to sharing information and coordinating efforts towards the goal that our clients will be fully compliant with HIPAA.

All systems will comply with HIPAA requirements as to independent performance or capability of the system, including, but not limited to functionality, security, privacy and encryption.

If you have any questions about the HIPAA compliance activities of Mayo Medical Laboratories, contact our customer service representatives.